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Healthy New Albany | Lunch & Learn: Children’s Mental Health Resources

On March 10th 2021, Healthy New Albany partnered with the experts of the Nationwide Children’s Hospital psychology team. Dr. Parker Huston, Dr. Mike Flores, and Dr. Ariana Hoet, spoke about the groundbreaking On Our Sleeves program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. On Our Sleeves uses evidenced-based educational resources necessary for breaking stigmas about child mental health and educating families and advocates.

Mental Health at Healthy New Albany

We learned about common mental health problems and concerns faced by our youth. We also learned how to best handle all of the expected (and unexpected) times of transition our children experience. As well as cultural factors that can have an influence on mental health. Our panelists gave insight into when a child’s behavior challenges may be more than ‘just a phase’ and when a parent should be concerned.

The On Our Sleeves experts also shared resources and programs available within our community to help support this critical mental health movement.