Our Contact Info:

Dr. Philip Heit, Executive Director of Healthy New Albany

Director of Operations:
AngelaDouglasHNA@gmail.com or 614-685-7407

Office Manager & Assistant to the Executive Director:
EmilySnyderHNA@gmail.com or 614-685-6344

Program Manager:
KristinaIsenhourHNA@gmail.com or 614-685-6345

Program Manager & Special Events:
AbbeyBrooksHNA@gmail.com or 614-685-0859

Race Coordinator & Facilities Manager:                                                               LindaRomanoffHNA@gmail.com or 614-685-6343

Wellness Manager & Volunteer Coordinator:    

Food Pantry Director:    

Indoor and Outdoor Farmer’s Market Manager:                                               manager@nafarmersmarket.com                                                                        

The Philip Heit Center for Healthy New Albany phone number: 614-685-4348 (that’s 614-685-HEIT)