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I Am Thriving

I Am Thriving

I Am Thriving is a unique and comprehensive program that empowers cancer survivors to enhance their wellbeing – physical, emotional, social and spiritual.  By promoting wellbeing, the risks of cancer recidivism are reduced, thus leading to improved health allowing program participants to thrive.  

I Am Thriving is a truly innovative program for cancer survivors. What makes this program so special?

  • Setting. Since program activities are based out of the Philip Heit Center, rather than in a clinical setting, there is a greater level of comfort and ease for participants. Plus there is an added level of convenience having everything in one community center, as opposed to workshops at different locations.
  • Comprehensiveness. This 8-week program, meeting two evenings per week, offers each participant:
    • Certified group wellness coaching
    • Group physical exercise classes, guidance from a personal trainer, and access to the OSUWMC Fitness Center
    • Nutrition classes on topics like dietary needs of cancer survivors, and cooking healthy meals/snacks, and choosing nutritious options when dining out
    • Individualized nutrition coaching
    • Health lectures and
    • Integrative wellness practices such as yoga, meditation and Urban Zen.
  • Community. Participants journey through the 8-week program alongside a small number of fellow survivors, allowing the group to form meaningful relationships and support one another in their various stages of survivorship.
  • Accessibility. Participation in I Am Thriving is available to any woman who has received a cancer diagnosis, regardless of her age, where she resides, or what point she is at in her survivorship journey. Thanks to the generous donors supporting the program, participation is free regardless of income.

Healthy New Albany offers two 8-week sessions of I Am Thriving each year. When a session is open for registration, it will be posted on our registration website: HNA.RecDesk.com. If you are interested in participating in a future session, please fill out the interest form linked below.


I Am Thriving is made possible thanks to the generous support from the following donors:

  • JamesCare for Life
  • Lynne & Martyn Redgrave
  • Nannette & Michael Triplett
  • Georgia & John DallePezze
  • Sheryl & Phil Heit
  • AEP Foundation

For questions or additional information about I Am Thriving, please contact:

Kristina Isenhour

Program Manager, Healthy New Albany





150 W Main, Suite B, New Albany, OH 43054


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