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Recap of the 19th Annual 2023 New Albany Walking Classic

The New Albany Walking Classic celebrated its 19th year, with more fervor and enthusiasm than ever before. The event that brings together communities and promotes health had a few exciting changes this year, making it bigger and better.


Highlights of the 2023 Walking Classic:

  1. Introduction of the 5k Walk: Alongside the traditional 10k walk, this year marked the debut of a 5k walk, providing a fresh option for participants looking for a shorter challenge.

  2. Overwhelming Participation: We were thrilled to have over 1,300 registrations this year, a testament to the growing popularity and community engagement with the event.

  3. Diverse Representation: Participants hailed from 94 different cities, 14 states, and even Canada, showcasing the universal appeal of this event.

  4. Generous Support from Sponsors: Our presenting sponsor, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, and a total of 40 sponsors made this event even more special with their generous support.

  5. Brutus the Buckeye Joins the Fun: Brutus the Buckeye added to the festivities, making it a day to remember for many.

  6. Over 300 Volunteers: The success of our event rested on the shoulders of our dedicated volunteers, ensuring a smooth and welcoming experience for all.

  7. Community Celebration Day: It’s more than just an event; it’s a day where the community comes together to celebrate health, wellness, and togetherness


The Benevolent Heart of the Walking Classic:

Every step taken in the Walking Classic echoes with a profound purpose. 100% of the income generated is allocated directly to Healthy New Albany, fueling invaluable health services:

  • Food Pantry, Farmers Market, Programming for Older Adults, Community Cooking Classes, Mental Health Initiatives and so much more!

Upcoming Event – Winter Wonder 5k:

Don’t pack away your walking shoes just yet! Mark your calendars for the Winter Wonder 5k on December 9th. It’s a family-friendly event where everyone is welcome, and yes, strollers are allowed! It’s a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the winter scenery, stay active, and have fun with your loved ones.

Join Our Walking Club:

Feeling inspired? Want to keep the momentum going? Join our walking club! Whether you are a seasoned walker or a beginner, our club is open to everyone who has a passion for walking. It’s a great way to stay motivated, meet like-minded individuals, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The 19th annual New Albany Walking Classic was a beacon of community spirit, health, and unity. We are filled with gratitude and excitement as we look forward to more years of walking together and making positive impacts in our community.