We put a little toe-tapping in your market step!

See who’s performing live at the 2016how-to-become-a-performer-btn New Albany
Farmers Market!

Each week we host a Musician or Musical Group to perform at our Music Tent (sponsored by the McCoy Center for the Arts). There is no stipend for your group, however, performing at the New Albany Farmers Market gives your group great exposure to an entire community.

This summers line up is as follows…

6/23   Clay Justice and Sean Smith

6/30   Jordan Burckard

7/7      Rose Run Players

7/14   Twisted Trumpets

7/21   Grace Martin

7/28   Casey Redmond

8/4     Grace Martin

8/11   Twisted Trumpets

8/18   Clay Justice and Sean Smith

8/25   Casey Redmond

9/1     Twisted Trumpets

9/8     Clay Justice and Sean Smith